Protecting your dogs with outerwear in these frigid temperatures is recommended

Small breeds and short hair breeds can benefit from sweaters and jackets. Also don’t forget about their feet. If they are going to be out for more than 10 to 15 fifteen minutes foot protection is recommended. For dogs severe cold and salt on the sidewalks can be potentially harmful. The cold can do damage to the paw pads and the salt irritates the paws and that makes the dog lick the paws which dries out the pads and chafes them even worse. Rough and cracked foot pads can be treated with Vaseline,” bag balm” or ” udder balm.”

Dogs that are not accustomed to wearing boots may try to get them off or not want to walk because they can’t feel the surface below them. But they can get use to wearing them. Many times once they realize that their feet will stay warm they begin to tolerate them. If you can take them to the store to try them on it works best so you can get a good fit and a style that the dog is more comfortable in. Starting them off younger is more than likely better.